Why do I need someone on-call around the clock?

Clients, caregivers, family members and medical personnel must have access to contact the agency 24/7. This most often includes help with scheduling changes, cancellations, client change of condition or last-minute care requests. Having an after hours answering service ensures that staffing changes are not a cause for concern and will be immediately addressed.

How does this after hours answering service benefit my clients?

With our after hours answering service, your clients are always able to contact a live person for immediate assistance. Whether it's a scheduling matter or an urgent healthcare situation, our answering service provides your clients with the assurance that they can receive the necessary assistance and support whenever they require it. This service offers peace of mind to your clients, knowing that professional help is available at any hour of the day.

How does this after hours answering service benefit caregivers?

Support is not only for clients, but for caregivers as well. Caregivers who provide in homecare to clients may have inquiries or issues outside of regular office hours. Our answering service is there to help caregivers with the necessary information, decreasing their stress and enhancing their ability to focus on high-quality client care.

How does this benefit agency owners/admins?

Let us help you reclaim your evenings and weekends. Reduce burnout amongst your staff by granting your administrators stress free time off.

Simplify business operations and keep things running smoothly in your absence with our cost effective solution. Our experienced team manages incoming calls, schedules replacement caregiver shifts and monitors clock-ins and clock-outs, ensuring coverage for all shifts and prompt resolution of any problems.

Looking for balance in your homecare agency?

Let Pivotal Pro Services help!

Book a free consultation to see how our professional services, including our on-call answering service, can give you the support you need to make a true impact in the aging population.

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