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We help home care businesses solve the toughest challenges with extensive experience in after hours phone coverage, inbound and outbound sales and application management so you can focus on what you do best!

We answer the phone so you don't have to!

Restore your weekends

Discover the Pivotal difference

Our team will handle all of your missed clock in and out alerts, restaff shifts and so much more.

Stay informed when it matters most

Rest easy knowing that our home care trained escalation points ensure that only the essential calls reach your phone.

Reporting the way you want

Get transparent reporting on all after hours activities, customizable to your preferred level and method of communication

Get a Partner Who Cares

At Pivotal Pro Services, we understand the demands of running a homecare agency. That's why we provide an after-hours service and back office support to lighten your workload.

Our dedicated team is available to answer calls and provide assistance, ensuring your clients receive the care they need, even when you're not available. We strive to make every interaction with our team feel like an interaction with your own team, giving you peace of mind and the freedom to focus on your agency's growth.

Outsourcing Solutions Made Easy

Services to Help Grow Your Business

After Hours Phone Coverage

We understand that homecare is a 24/7 operation. Our dedicated team is ready to handle calls and ensure that your clients receive the support they need, no matter the time.

Inbound and Outbound Sales Management

Our team efficiently captures, nurtures and converts inbound lead flow into qualified opportunities for your agency. Increasing client acquisition.

Applicant Management

Whether you’re hiring, onboarding, preparing compensation or building culture, Pivotal Pro Services gives you the tools and insights to focus on your most important asset — your people.





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Thanks to Pivotal Pro Services, no more missed calls overnight, no more frantic scrambling. Pivotal Pro's on-call service is like having dedicated office staff with super skills. They answer every call with professionalism and warmth, capturing crucial client/caregiver information and scheduling last minute call offs effortlessly. Now, I can focus on what I do best – caring for my clients – without the phone anxiety. It's a peace of mind that helps me sleep at night. Thank you for all your help over the past few months!

Nikki Muller

It Takes a Village Senior Care

Looking for balance in your homecare agency?

Let Pivotal Pro Services help!

Book a free consultation to see how our professional services, including our on-call answering service, can give you the support you need to make a true impact in the aging population.

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